The light of darkness

Where is the origin? Based on the uncertainty, from wanting to know why and how, in an attempt to make some sense of our existence, the artists Jordi Marcet and Rosa Vila-Abadal present “The light of darkness”. With ceramics as a vehicle for artistic expression and through a totally contemporary look, the artists reveal the answer to all our questions with a staging marked by the sobriety, serenity and claroscuro. The installation of large ceramic panels paves a conceptual journey through “various” stages of creation in a kind of initiatory journey to the discovery of the origin of the Earth, the Man and the Art. We continue, and despite the fact that blacks, darkness, and droughts that flow from stagnant waters into small ceramic containers, land, still predominate, the first indications of plant life are still prevalent: primitive forms, volumes, first colors, Small elemental points of white, green, red and yellow. 
Where is the origin? The trip begins in the darkness and silence. A silence echoed by the sound of the beautiful melody that Eleni Karaindrou composed for the soundtrack of The eyes of Ulysses, by Theo Angelopoulous. The sound of silence will mark the beginning and guide the cadence of the steps in a physical and spiritual journey to the untiring search for responses that give meaning to our existence. A very dim light, almost imperceptible at the beginning, which gradually seems to become more intense, illuminates, directs and focuses exclusively on what is essential. Everything else remains in the darkness.
We start. Four vertical panels, of enormous dimensions, a first stage that symbolizes absolute darkness, nothing, the void materialized in tiny gresified ceramic pieces, black matte and velvety touch. They are small nervous brushstrokes that dye an immense cloth, an impressionistic picture dotted only by small color strokes randomly scattered: the light is born.

An even very weak lamp gently blends the contours of the pieces. The appearance of plant life gives way to the outbreak of color. Darkness now seems to be timidly withdrawn in the background to give prominence to the light and show the splendor of nature, represented in a third stage by the multiplicity of small pieces drowning in space: the exuberance of Organic shapes, crowned with vibrant, green and red colors, make us part of a new moment. The change is understood. We point it to a fourth stage represented by a sea of ​​fingers, with a feminine shape that seems to swing sinuously with the wind, a white carpet of voices silenced that point the path and invite us to the action. The final is coming, and in him, the clear answer to our uncertainties. Suspended, as if floating, a large ceiling culminated in the pilgrimage. The intensity of light and the soft colors blur the shapes, and an unconscious desire pushes us to leave the darkness and approach us to see it clearly. Only by watching closely we discover the miracle: an immense small-walled altarpiece, a triangular jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly and looks like floating from a very deep, deep spot to the surface. Many faces, deceptively cloned, with features that are not yet defined yet, that are manifested with the closed eyes in a calm position. The faces are actually one of them and announce a not too distant future: the birth of a new man. A new man who still has to come, but who is already there, in the soul.

The light of the earth

… and we take the steps to continue the trip, ours, in search of the New Man, we. Together with the VIDA axis, that infinite face puzzle that emerged from the darkness, with still closed eyes, is reflected now by discovering in its reflection the color, a kaleidoscope of small triangular faces multiplying infinitely with the eyes Very open, watching expectant, reach the end of the path announced. Behind them he rises defying a completely white wall, a wall that forces us to stop the cadence of our steps before the entrance to the discovery of something new.
Behind the wall. The light. Our eyes, fastened to the darkness of the past, contemplate a mural of infinite faces, small semicircles of defined features, various physiognomies, individualized multiplicity. Each piece is “I”, is “that”, or “the other” is a “us”, and all seem to point our gaze to our final destiny.
We start In a white path of light, our steps, enthralled by the eternal melancholy melody, will be guided by the awakening of consciousness. Six spheres flank the path of light. On one side, the six spheres, purple and satin-colored, crowned by a delicate and meticulous clay work, are exultant to show our symbols. We recognize the concepts created by ourselves. We see our feelings reflected when we contemplate a curve of hearts and delicate innocent gossiping whispering; we identify with a group, a tribe, a flag among all those who crown the second sphere; our gaze caresses the word, the desire to communicate symbolized by a spell of letters, and with our hands we follow science, sculpted gracefully for a dance of numbers; The last small conceptual universe culminates with a hyper-realistic cellar of elements, all of which symbolizes progress: technology. And in the path of reason, in parallel concepts become a passion shaped as an offering: feelings and emotions; religions, faith and beliefs; tribes, peoples, cultures; words, letters, communication; science and knowledge; technology, modernity and progress … all of them on a star-shaped sky. A universe minimized with a delicate stroke.
We follow The path of light leads our step unremitting towards the end of the journey. Impressive, a great altarpiece rises before our blinded gaze. White on white, a human silhouette, asexual, seems to define its contour through the light. Wondering, we can not do anything other than fix our eyes in the aureole and feel a certain unrest. In the awakening of consciousness we discover the arrival of the New Man. We discover. We are.